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We are a leading aluminum foundry in China, who is able to provide our customers one-stop service. We provide our customers not only high quality aluminum casting products, but also professional solutions.

Company Profile

Dolin casting Co.,Ltd.,  a leading aluminum foundry in China, has more than 20-year experience in aluminum casting. We specialize in producing fully machined, finished and tested aluminum casting parts. We have more than 120 well-trained staff, a team committed to customer satisfaction, good quality and constant innovation. Our greatest strength is the ability to work with our customers closely from the initial concept through the final mass production. The biggest advantage between Dolin and most of our competitors is our comprehensive capability in aluminum casting, finishing service and test service. Our casting service includes 4 most popular processes of aluminum casting: sand casting, gravity die casting, high pressure die casting, and low pressure die casting.[…]

Why Choose Us


We have more than 20 years experience in aluminum casting and finishing services


We constantly focus on process innovation of aluminum casting, and focus on customer satisfaction

High Efficiency!

High efficiency in external& internal communication,  in mass production, as well as in delivery

One-stop Service!

We have 4 aluminum casting processes, also provide finishing services as CNC machining etc.

Quality Assurance!

Quality is the core competence of us, also is the key bringing us reputation


We provide flexible services according to different customers’ requests


We specialize in producing fully machined, finished and tested aluminum castings. Our services include aluminum sand casting, gravity die casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, CNC machining and finishing services.

Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum Sand Casting

Sand casting was invented by ancient Chinese, originated in South & North Dynasty, more than 1600 years ago, and large-scale application started from Tang Dynasty until nowadays. The invention of sand casting is as important as[…]

Aluminium Gravity die casting Icon

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is a typical permanent casting process, in which the molten metal is poured into the pre-heated die cavity and fill up the cavity by the force that comes from earth gravity. Gravity die casting is suitable for[…]

Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Icon

High Pressure Die Casting

High Pressure Die Casting

The die casting process, developed in the early 1900s, is a further example of permanent-mold casting. Typical parts made by die casting are motor housings, engine blocks, business-machine and appliance components[…]

Aluminium Low Pressure Die Casting Icon

Low Pressure Die Casting

Low Pressure Die Casting

Low pressure die casting process, developed in 1940s, is the earliest counter gravity casting technology. This process is suitable for nonferrous alloy. Low pressure casting is normally used to produce components with[…]

CNC Machining Icon

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC machining is the most important finishing process of aluminium castings, also the key enabling us provide one-stop service to our customers. Dolin has been aware of the importance of machining to further[…]

Finishing Services Icon

Finishing Services

Finishing Services

Variety of finishing services are what make us a one-stop shop. Our finishing services include Fettling & Linishing, Polishing, Shot Blasting & Shot Peening, Powder Coating & Painting, Heat treatment, Impregnation, Anodizing[…]


We are a leading aluminum foundry with capabilities to manufacture aluminum casting parts that meet any industrial needs. You can trust us to provide you the utmost quality products and services. Our aluminum casting products include:

Automotive Parts

Light Fixture Parts

Electrical Enclosures

Patio Furniture Parts

Architectural Parts

Medical Equipment Parts


In our aluminum foundry, the casting journey from inquiry to delivery is processed step by step as below. In this journey, what satisfy and impress our customers is not only quality aluminum castings, but also our professional services.

1. Inquiry

You have a product  to produce, and some components of your  product are identified to be aluminum castings. You send us drawings, samples or even rough schetches for inquiry.

2. Technical Clarification

We work with you to develop 3D models, fix casting process and finishing process. We advise on suitable materials, draft angles, wall thicknesses, achievable tolerances etc.

3. Quotation

After technical clarification, we calculate mold cost, material cost, casting cost, machining cost, finishing cost, inspection cost, packing cost, logistic cost etc. and offer you a competitive price.

4. Samples

After you place order to us, we prepare samples for confirmation. If you need prototypes for product test, we are able to manufacture these by using CNC machining in short timescale.

5. Mass Production

After product test, we start mass production. According to required delivery date, we make reasonable production plan to realize seamless connection between different processes.

6. Packing & Delivery

After final inspection, we pack the finished castings in accordence with our customers’ request and the international transportation standard. We deliver the well-packed castings to port.


In the news, we record and share the latest news of aluminum foundry and latest industry information. In the blogs, we summarize and share the precious experience of aluminum casting.

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