A Leading Aluminum Casting Company

Dolin Casting, a leading aluminum casting company in China, specializes in manufacturing full-machined customized cast aluminum casting products. We supply our clients not only high-quality  products, but also our aluminum casting solution and our expertise.

Welcom to Dolin

Dolin casting Co.,Ltd., founded in 1998, is one of the leading aluminum casting companies/manufacturers in China. We have more than 20-year experience in aluminum casting. We specialize in producing fully machined, finished and tested aluminum castings. We have more than 120 well-trained staff, a team committed to customer satisfaction, good quality and constant innovation.We are OEM aluminum casting manufacturer in China. We welcome orders no matter big or small, and we are confident providing our customers high quality products. Our aluminum casting products cover automotive parts, pump/valve components, light fixture parts, patio/outdoor furniture parts, architecture parts, medical equipment parts, marine parts, electrical enclosures, pipe fittings, heat sinks, hydraulic parts etc. Most of our products are exported to American, European, Australian and Asian market, and have won good reputation among our customers. If our customer needs prototypes for product test, we are able to manufacture these in very short timescale utilizing CNC machining from solid. We also have an in-house tooling workshop to design, manufacture and repair tooling.

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Our Capabilities

Compared with most of other aluminum casting companies/manufacturers, the biggest advantage of Dolin Casting is the comprehensive capability in aluminum casting, finishing services and test services. Our casting service includes 4 most popular processes of aluminum casting: sand casting, gravity die casting, high pressure die casting, and low pressure die casting. These 4 aluminum casting processes enable us satisfying various requests from different customers, and make us worthy of the name ‘Aluminum Alloy Casting specialist’ and prominent among our rivals. Our finishing services, including CNC machining, heat treatment and surface treatment, enable us the ability to provide one-stop service to our customers. Our test service, including leakage test, pressure test, mechanical property test and chemical composition test, enable us the ability to provide our customers not merely quality products but also reliability and honesty. Regardless of the size and complexity of the aluminium castings, you can count on Dolin providing highest quality. Our pouring capacity reaches to 200 tons each month, which makes our delivery always meet our customers’ requests.

Our Skills

As a leading aluminum casting company in China, our greatest strength is our passion and professional skills to work with our customers closely from the initial concept through the final mass production. Our aluminum casting designs are created in CAD software (such as UG and Solidworks) to provide both quality and accurate components. Even if merely given a single sample from our customer, our professional engineers are able to create 3D drawing with the ability of reverse engineering. Our molds are designed and simulated by CAE software (such as 3Dflow) to ensure to ensure economy and feasibility. Our machining programs are carried out by CAM software (such as MasterCAM) to ensure high accuracy and high efficiency. Our inspection and test are carried out by advanced and high precision instruments (such as CMM) to ensure high quality. As the plan ‘Made in China 2025’ rolls out, automation and intelligence will be the trend of aluminum casting industry. To follow this trend and enhance our production efficiency and competitiveness, 3D printing process will be introduced to produce sand cores and aluminum castings in the near future.

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Any Question?

We are a 20-year-experienced aluminum casting company/manufacturer dedicated to manufacture various cast aluminum products and supply our client one-stop service from aluminum casting to finishing. Normally, it’s a symbol of trading company that always advertise they can supply all kinds of metal castings. Unlike trading companies, we are a professional aluminum foundry and we only manufacture and supply cast aluminum related products and services. If you need products beyond cast aluminum products, we are pleased to introduce some reliable manufacturers for free.

Our quotation is based on 3d models or detailed 2d drawings from clients. Samples are also acceptable to calculate price. We welcome 3d models in native UG (.prt), Pro/E (.prt), Solidworks (.sldprt) format. 3d files in other common format as .igs, .stp, .x_t, .x_b, .sat are also acceptable.

Our quotation will be ready within 48 hours after receiving client’s inquiry. For urgent case, the time can be shortened to few hours.

Our price terms include FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR, DDU, DDP, etc.

40% down payment after order, the balance payment before delivery.

The lead time depends on the aluminum casting process:

  • Aluminum sand casting: mold takes 1-2 weeks, samples will be ready within 1 week after mold, and mass production takes 3-8 weeks after sample approval by client;
  • Gravity die casting: mold takes 2-3 weeks, samples will be ready within 1 week after mold, and mass production takes 3-8 weeks after sample approval by client;
  • Low pressure die casting: mold takes 4-6 weeks, samples will be ready within 1 week after mold, and mass production takes 3-8 weeks after sample approval by client;
  • High pressure die casting: mold takes 4-8 weeks, samples will be ready within 1 week after mold, and mass production takes 3-8 weeks after sample approval by client;

Yes, we can. Our powerful reverse engineering capability enable us manufacture products exactly according to samples provided by clients.

Sample will be free if the value within 20USD, but our client has to pay the freight cost. We will charge sample cost if the value beyond 20USD.

Sorry, we can’t. We are OEM cast aluminum products manufacturer. The designing and drawings of our products belong to our clients. We sign NDA with all of our clients. As a professional aluminum foundry, we won’t leak any sensitive information of our clients to any third party.

Sorry, we can’t. The mold property belongs to our client who paid, and our client can take the mold away any time they want. We have no right to use our client’s mold for any third party without permission.

It’s rare for us to receive quality complaint from our clients, since all of our cast aluminum products are 100% tested and inspected. No matter what causes the complaint, we will help our clients solve problem the first time. As a reputable cast aluminum products manufacturer, we absolutely will responsible for our products.

As a reputable aluminum casting manufacturer, we strive to build long-term and win-win business relationship with our clients. We win our clients’ trust with our high-quality cast aluminum products and professional services.