Cast Aluminum Alloy Comparison

Cast Aluminum Alloy Comparison Table ISO Standard (International) GB Standard (China) UNS ASTM (The US) ANSI (The US) JIS Standard (Japan) EN Standard (Europe) BS Standard (UK) DIN Standard (Germany) Casting Process AlSi7Mg ZL101 A03560 356.0 AC4C ENAC-42100 LM25 G-AlSi7Mg Sand Casting AlSi7Mg0.3 ZL101A A13560 A356.0 AC4CH [...]

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Sand Casting Process Overview

Sand Casting Process Introduction Sand casting process is a thermoforming process by utilizing expendable and reusable sand to produce castings with complex geometry and structure. Since the economy of the mold material, sand casting process is the most popular casting process, and more than 70% casting components are [...]

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