Gearbox Housing_Gravity Die Casting

Gearbox Case Made by Sand Casting

  • Product Description: Gearbox Case

  • Product Material: According to Drawings
  • Product Application: Vehicles
  • Casting Process: Aluminum Sand Casting
  • Heat Treatment: T5 or T6
  • Finishing Methods: Shot Blasting, Impregnaton, CNC Machining
  • Test Methods: X-ray Test, Leakage Test
  • Packing Methods: Wooden Box

Gearbox Case Description

Gear box casing is a critical segment in motor of an Automobile. Reason for Gearbox casing is to hold and guide the Gear transmission. Gearbox is a speed or Torque changing device between the motor and driving wheels. Gear box comprises of principle shaft and lay shaft with gears fit.

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