Dolin Casting has sand casting, gravity die casting, high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting—4 different casting processes and more than 20 years of experience to manufacture casting aluminum parts. Combining our innovative engineering and design expertise, advanced facilities, and the most strict quality control measurements, we are able to offer high-quality and cost-effective aluminum casting products and services to customers all over the world.

Dolin Casting has the capabilities to manufacture aluminum casting parts that meet any industrial need. You can trust us to provide you the utmost quality products and services. We are a leading aluminum casting parts manufacturer for the following types of parts:

Automotive Parts

Electrical Enclosures

Patio Furniture Parts

Architectural Parts

Medical Equipment Parts

Light Fixture Parts

More Details of Our Aluminum Casting Products

  • Automotive parts: engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifold, pistons, connecting rods, transmission housings, pump housings, carburetor housing, valve covers, steering gear housings, clutch housings, etc.
  • Architectural parts: aluminum fence panels, aluminum gates
  • Electrical enclosures: motor housings, generator housings, LED light housings, telecommunication enclosures, junction boxes, PCB enclosures, etc.
  • Light fixture enclosures/parts: street light housings, lawn lamp housings, garden lamp housings, traffic light housings, spotlight housings, wall lamp brackets & housings, landscape light housings, buried light housings, underwater light housings, lighting pole bases, etc.
  • Medical equipment parts: patient bed pats, operating robot parts, X-ray equipment parts, medical monitor parts, CT equipment parts, etc.
  • Patio/garden furniture parts: aluminum table tops, aluminum table legs, aluminum chair backs, aluminum chair legs, aluminum chair seats, aluminum chair handrails, aluminum bench legs, etc.
  • Heat sinks: LED light heat sinks, motor heat sinks, generator heat sinks, telecommunication equipment heat sinks, PC board heat sinks, etc.
  • Meters parts: gas meter parts, water meter parts, oil meter parts, parking meter parts, etc.
  • Others: robot parts, home appliance parts, refueling equipment parts, wind turbine parts, pipe fittings, hand-held power tool parts, pump parts, valve parts, hydraulic equipment parts, etc.