Custom Cast Aluminum Automotive Parts To Fit Your Needs

Automotive PartsDolin Casting is a professional cast aluminum automotive parts manufacturer, and supplies utmost quality aluminum castings to many famed companies in automotive industry home and abroad. We have two aluminum casting processes to manufacture automotive parts.

The one is pressure die casting process. Depending on the pressure applied, there are 2 types of pressure die casting processes: high pressure die casting and low pressure die casting. By utilizing aluminum pressure die casting process we can manufacture almost all the aluminum automotive parts as engine blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, transmission housings, wheel hubs, pump housings, carburetor housings, valve covers, steering gear housings, clutch housings, etc.

Aluminum gravity die casting is another most used process we apply to manufacture automotive parts. The quality processed by gravity die casting is between sand casting and pressure die casting. The most common aluminum automotive parts manufactured by this process are engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifold, etc.

Gearbox Cover_Aluminum Die Casting
Gearbox Cover
Gearbox Housing_Gravity Die Casting
Gearbox Case
Transmission Cover_Aluminum Die Casting
Transmission Cover
Carburetor Case_Die Casting
Carburetor Case
Power Steering Case_Aluminum Die Casting
Power Steering Case
AC Compressor Case_Permonent Mold Casting
AC Compressor Case
Cylinder Cover_Aluminum Die Casting
Cylinder Cover
Cylinder Head_Gravity Die Casting
Cylinder Head
Engine Block_Gravity Die Casting
Engine Block
Crankshaft Bearing Cover_Die Casting
Crankshaft Bearing Cover
Clutch Case_Die Casting
Clutch Case
Turbo Case_Gravity Die Casting
Turbo Case
Intake Manifold_Gravity Die Casting
Intake Manifold
Generator Cover_Die Casting
Generator Cover
Pump Housing_Permonent Mold Casting
Pump Housing
Pump Cover_Die Casting
Pump Cover
Starter Case_Die Casting
Starter Case
Steering Booster Housing_Die Casting
Steering Booster Case
Catalytic Converter Case_Die Casting
Catalytic Converter Case
Oil Pan_Die Casting
Oil Pan
Transmission Housing_Aluminum Die Casting
Transmission Housing

Application Of Aluminum Castings In Automotive Industry

Lightweight is what a car designer always pursues when designing cars, since less weight means less fuel consumption as well as less pollution. In this process, durable and light aluminum castings play a key role in automotive lightweight design. Especially in recent decades, the application of aluminum castings in automotive industry is increasing steadily. According to statistics, the global output of aluminum castings increased more than 3% yearly, while 60% to 70% of these aluminum castings are applied in automotive industry. In these countries with developed automotive industry, the greater part of aluminum castings are for automotive use. Take Japan for instance, 76% of aluminum castings as well as 77% of die casting components are used in automotive industry.

Why Apply Aluminum Castings As Automotive Parts?

-Weight reduction: 40% weight reduction for some components;
-High-strength: high strength and energy-absorption capability;
-Recyclability: more than 90% of aluminum castings can be reused in automotive industry;
-Corrosion Resistance: oxide layer stops further corrosion;
-Applicability: excellent processability, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity;

What Benefits Have Aluminum Castings Brought To Automotive Industry?

–Automotive lightweight promotion, energy-saving, environment-friendly
Take a 1.3 tons car for example, the fuel consumption will reduce 8% if the car weight goes down 10%. Put it in another way, gasoline saving will reach to 1L each 100km if the car weight goes down 10%. According to studies, aluminum application in automotive industry helps save around 50 million tons of CO2 emissions every year.

–Aluminum alloy parts are recyclable, and thus save energy eventually.
Normally, the recovery rate of aluminum alloy is more than 85%. While in automotive industry, up to 95% cast aluminum parts come from recycled aluminum alloy.

–Aluminum alloy has the property of corrosion resistance, which helps prolong the life of automobile.
Under natural conditions, steel and iron components are easily corroded by the moisture or other substances in air. On the contrary, corrosion rarely happens on cast aluminum parts. It’s the dense oxide layer formed on aluminum castings surface stops the corrosion. Meanwhile, aluminum castings are suitable for variety of surface treatment processes as anodization, powder coating, painting etc. These processes will increasingly reinforce the corrosion resistance of aluminum casting parts.

–The extensive application of cast aluminum auto parts help increase the stability and safety while driving.
Auto parts made by aluminum castings dramatically reduce a car’s weight, which make driving even more flexible, comfortable and stable. Compare with steel parts, aluminum auto parts have better property in energy absorption and energy dispersion under impact, which make driving much safer. Take auto-hubs for instance, lighter cast aluminum hubs help shock absorption, which makes it possible to apply even lighter buffers in a car. Lighter buffer help increase a car’s stability.