Cast Aluminum Light Fixture Parts

cast aluminum light fixture partsCast aluminum light fixture parts like light housings, a type of electrical enclosures, function as to protect the luminous unit and other electronic components inside from being damaged by harmful factors outside. Moreover, cast aluminum light housings share the mutual protection requirement with electrical enclosures as well. However, except for the function mentioned above, light housings should offer people aesthetic feeling, which makes it a bit different from electrical enclosure. In one word, the design of light fixture parts like light housings should not only conform to the practicability of electrical enclosures, but also consider the aesthetic of lighting fixtures.

All of these require light fixture designers must be with rich experience, and at the same time there must be great supports from professional light parts manufacturers. Dolin Casting is a professional aluminum casting foundry in China, who will constantly support you from designing to manufacturing of your light fixture parts.

Aluminum Casting For Full Range of Light Fixture Parts

As a professional aluminum foundry, by utilizing our powerful casting capabilities we are able to produce full range of light parts including:

  • Street lights enclosures/housings
  • Lawn lamps enclosures/housings
  • Garden lamps enclosures/housings
  • Traffic lights enclosures/housings
  • Spotlights enclosures/housings
  • Wall lamp brackets & enclosures/housings
  • Landscape lighting enclosures/housings
  • Buried lights enclosures/housings
  • Underwater lights enclosures/housings
  • Lighting pole bases
Street Light Case_Die Casting
Street Light Case
Street Light Cover_Die Casting
Street Light Cover
Street Light Housing_Die Casting
Street Light Housing
LED Street Light Case_Die Casting
LED Street Light Case
LED Street Light Housing
LED Street Light Housing
Die Casting LED Light Housing
LED Street Light Housing
Die Casting LED Light Housing
LED Light Housing
Die Casting Aluminum LED Light Housing
LED Light Housing
Die Casting Aluminum LED Light Heat Sink
LED Light Heat Sink
Aluminum LED Light Heat Sink
LED Light Heat Sink
Aluminum LED Light Housing
LED Light Housing
Explosion Proof Lamp Case_Die Casting
Explosion Proof Lamp Case
Wall Lamp Bracket_Aluminum Die Casting
Wall Lamp Bracket
Garden Light Cases_Gravity Die Casting
Garden Light Cases
Garden Lamp Housings_Gravity Die Casting
Garden Lamp Cases
Garden Lamp Cases_Permonent Mold Casting
Garden Lamp Cases
Cast Aluminum Garden Lamp Housing
Garden Lamp Housing
Cast Aluminum Garden Light Housing
Garden Lamp Housing
Cast Aluminum Light Post Bases
Light Post Bases
Cast Aluminum Street Light Post Bases
Light Post Bases
Light Post Bases_Aluminum Sand Casting
Light Post Bases

We Are a Full-service Light Fixture Parts Manufacturer

Dolin Casting is one of the leading cast aluminum light fixture parts manufacturers in China. Light housings had been in the menu of our products back to the time our foundry was founded. In 1998, with sand casting process we started to manufacture light parts as lighting pole bases, lawn lamp enclosures, wall lamp brackets & enclosures, garden lamp enclosures, etc. With the introduction of gravity die casting and pressure die casting process in our foundry, the categories of our light parts have been greatly extended. By now, relying on our comprehensive aluminum casting and deep processing capabilities, we can deliver our customers the high-quality light parts for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our capability to light fixture parts is not only limited to manufacturing, as offer designing and engineering service is also our specialty which other manufacturers can’t match. Tell us your needs, and we will work closely with you to create unique designs that will perfectly fit you.

With over 20-year service experience for lighting industry, we’ve been at the forefront of revolutionary changes by consistently refining our equipment and processes to ensure we provide our customers with leading-edge technology and the highest quality parts.

We Specialize in Aluminum Casting for Light Fixture Parts

As a professional aluminum casting manufacturer, the precondition of supplying high-quality cast aluminum parts is the knowledges of the properties of aluminum alloys.

A key advantage of using aluminum casting process to manufacture light fixture parts is its economical characteristic—cast aluminum parts are much less expensive than parts manufactured by other processes as machining or forging.

As known, lights will produce lots of heat when working, especially LED lights. From functionality perspective, cast aluminum light housings can help conduct the heat timely to prevent the lights from being damaged by high temperature. Especially when the housing is designed with heat sink structure, the heat conductive capability is even excellent.

There are many other benefits of aluminum casting for light fixture parts, including:

  • Light weight: cast aluminum parts typically weigh one-third less than steel parts, while still offering the strength and durability that is essential for any lighting fixture.
  • Corrosion resistant: cast aluminum parts have naturally superb anti-corrosion property that is critical for lighting fixtures for outdoor use.
  • Excellent electrical conductivity: aluminum is second only to copper in electrical conductivity.
  • Ease for surface treatment: cast aluminum parts can do many of surface treatments including painting, powder coating, plating, anodizing, etc.
  • Ease for machining: cast aluminum parts have excellent machining property, as the roughness of machined surface can reach to Ra 0.8 or even better.
  • Ease for forming: cast aluminum parts can be processed to various shapes to meet the aesthetic appeal of lighting fixtures.

We Implement the Most Rigid Quality Control Measurements

As an ISO 9001 certified light fixture parts manufacturer, we have advanced aluminum casting processes, highly automated machining equipment, rich-experienced QC staffs, accurate inspection and test devices, and we implement the most rigid quality control measurements. To ensure providing our customers the highest quality products, we monitor and inspect every single step of the entire process.

Contact Us to Get a Quotation for Your Light Fixture Parts

If you have a project on hand that needs light parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information of our capabilities and price. We are one-stop source for cast aluminum parts, and choosing us as your light fixture parts supplier will never let you down.