Custom Die Casting Aluminum Electrical Enclosures/Housings To Fit Your Needs

Electrical EnclosuresDie cast aluminum electrical enclosures/housings have been our specialty since our die casting foundry was built up in 2002. With years of experience, Dolin Casting specialize providing our clients custom electrical enclosures to fulfill their various designing needs. Over the years, we have served a number of named electrical and telecom companies home and abroad, and we have grown up a leading aluminum electrical enclosure manufacturer in China.

Electronic and electrical equipment are widely used for all sorts of industries, and the using environments are various. In order to make sure these equipment function well in harsh environments, electrical enclosures must be designed, manufactured and assembled properly to protect the electrical elements inside from hazard elements. These hazard elements include dust, wind, water, moisture, fire, ice, impact, oil, chemicals, explosion, lighting stroke, corrosion gas, etc. Besides, another function of electrical enclosures is to protect the users. Globally, there are two most popular protection systems for electrical enclosures: IP protection system and NEMA protection system. No matter electrical enclosures are specified by which protection system, the aim is to make sure the safety of electrical equipment and the users.

As one leading die cast aluminum electrical enclosure manufacturer, Dolin Casting has gained lots of experience in designing and producing electrical enclosures in accordance with protection requirements. Relying on our comprehensive aluminum casting and related finishing capabilities, no matter our clients call for thousands of pieces for a big and long-term project, or just several pieces for testing use, Dolin casting always satisfy our clients with utmost quality electrical enclosures.

–Our Die Cast Electrical Enclosures/housings Include:

  • Die cast aluminum motor housings
  • Die cast aluminum generator housings
  • Die cast aluminum LED lighting fixture housings
  • Die cast aluminum telecommunication enclosures
  • Die cast aluminum junction boxes
  • Die cast aluminum PCB enclosures
Die Casting Telecom Enclosures
Telecom Enclosures
5G Telecom Enclosure_Aluminum Die Casting
5G Telecom Enclosure
Aluminum Die Casting Signal Receiver Housing
Signal Receiver Housing
Aluminum Die Casting Telecom Housing
Telecom Enclosure
Aluminum Die Casting Signal Amplifier Housing
Signal Amplifier Housing
Heat Sink for Telecom Housing
Heat Sink
Heat Sink for Telecom Enclosure
Heat Sink
Water Proof Junction Box
Junction Box
LED Light Housing_Die Casting
LED Light Housing
Aluminum Die Casting Router Housing
Router Housing
Aluminum Die Casting Signal Transmitter Housing
Signal Transmitter Housing
Explosion Proof Lamp Case_Die Casting
Explosion Proof Lamp Case
LED Screen Back Cover_Die Casting
LED Screen Back Cover
Aluminum PCB Enclosure_Die Casting
PCB Enclosure
Generator Cover_Die Casting
Generater Case
Aluminum Die Casting Moter Housing
Motor Housing
Aluminum Die Casting Moter Cover
Motor Cover
Aluminum Motor Housing Cover
Motor Housing Cover
Alimimum Motor Housing_Die Casting
Motor Housing
Motor Housing Cover_Die Casting
Motor Housing Cover
Motor Housing_Die Casting
Motor Housing

Why Chose Aluminum Alloy For Electrical Enclosures?

Due to some electrical equipment work in harsh environments, electrical enclosures is the first line of defense to protect the electrical elements inside. That calls for the electrical enclosures must be made of a sturdy and durable material which is able to cope with any possible harsh environments. Aluminum alloy is a perfect fit for electrical enclosures, since some excellent characteristics it owns.

–Corrosion Resistant

As you know, wireless telecommunication devices mounted on cell towers may work in any possible climates. The working environments may be dry deserts, moist rainforests, cold polar regions, or salty marine. That require telecommunication enclosures must be durable enough to protect the electrical elements inside from harsh environments.

Aluminum alloy has naturally superb anti-corrosion property, and this property will be enhanced especially when its surfaces treated as anodizing, power coating, painting, plating, etc. Electrical enclosures made of aluminum alloy are extremely whether resistant and can handle harsh environments that may affect other materials. Aluminum alloy is a metal highly corrosion resistant even when it’s exposed to moist air, salty water, or harsh sunlight.

–High Thermal Conductivity

Electrical elements are usually placed in closed electrical enclosures, cabinet, housings, boxes. Some high-power electrical devices as motors generate lots of heat while working. That requires motor housings must be made of materials that can dissipate heat effectively, or motors will be burned out by the accumulated heat. Aluminum motor housings designed with heat sinks can dissipate heat to air timely, since the thermal conductivity of aluminum is next only to gold, copper and silver among the common metals. The higher of thermal conductivity, the better performance of heat dissipation.

–High Weight to Strength Ratio

Electrical elements are usually vulnerable especially when impacted by external forces. That requires electrical enclosures must be made of high-strength materials that resist deformation when impact. Except for high-strength, lightweight is another factor we have to take consideration for some portable electrical devices. Aluminum alloy has an extremely high weight to strength ratio that makes it invaluable for electrical enclosures.

Why Choose Die Casting Process to Manufacture Aluminum Electrical Enclosures?

All of the electrical elements generate heat during working. In order to extract and dissipate the heat timely, electrical enclosures are usually designed with thin wall and heat sink structure.

In order to avoid that water and rain enter electrical enclosures to short out the electrical elements inside, some electrical enclosures for outdoor use need to be watertight. People usually design a gasket channel on the mounting surface of the enclosure so a rubber gasket can be installed to accomplish watertight.

No matter thin wall, heat sink, or gasket channel, they are all delicate designing that must be accomplished by die casting rather than other casting processes.

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