CNC Machining In Dolin

CNC Machining Shop-Milling Machine CNC machining is the most important finishing process of aluminum castings, also the key enable us providing one-stop service to our customers. Dolin has been aware of the importance of machining to further development of a foundry, and built up CNC machining shop since the very beginning we started our casting business. We never see machining as a separate process, on the contrary we see it as a key process of delivering quality aluminum castings to our customers. Our variety of aluminum casting capabilities plus machining capability and other finishing services make us a one-stop shop, which allows our customers get products from one source with less time and lower cost.

Dolin is able to offer the full range of CNC machining services, including CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, boring, drilling, tapping, reaming and inspection. All the machining fixtures are designed and made in our tooling shop, too. By reasonably planning the entire production sequence from start and integrating all the resources, we are able to make a seamless flow between different processes.

Except for machining aluminum castings, we also utilize our machining facilities for prototype work, fixture and die work. Also, we supply machined components in any material according to our customers’ drawings. The material can be aluminum alloy (such as 6061, 6063), brass alloy and steel alloy. The workpiece is normally cut from a standard billet which can be in variety of shapes like solid bar, hollow tube, shaped profile etc.

CNC Machining Shop-CMM Machine100% of our machined components are inspected to ensure the machining work meets the technical requests. Our inspection instruments include vernier caliper, outside & inside micrometer, go/no go gauge, depth gauge, height gauge, roughness tester etc. We also have a precision CMM for machining inspection, which the accuracy can reach to 0.001mm. In case of any impact by temperature difference, we keep our CMM in constant temperature room to ensure the inspection accuracy.

All of our machining facilities and inspection instruments are well maintained on a regular basis to ensure high precision and efficiency. All of our skilled programmers and machinists are well trained, also a team committed to do precision work.

-Our CNC Machining Equipment

CNC Milling Machine-Feeler VMP 40AFeeler VMP-40A, vertical, with 4th axis
– Qty.:  4 sets
– Table size: X1,150mm, Y520mm
– Axes travel: X1,020mm, Y520mm, Z505mm
– Max spindle speed: 10,000rpm
– Positioning accuracy: 0.003mm
– Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
– Tool: 24 tools

CNC Milling Machine-Doosan Mynx 7500Doosan Mynx 7500, vertical, with 4th axis
– Qty.: 2 sets
– Table size: X1,600mm, Y750mm
– Axes travel: X1,525mm, Y762mm, Z625mm
– Max spindle speed: 8,000rpm
– Positioning accuracy: 0.003mm
– Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
– Tool: 24 tools

CNC Milling Machine-Doosan DVM 650Doosan DVM 650 II, vertical, with 4th axis
– Qty.: 3 sets
– Table size: X1,300mm, Y670mm
– Axes travel: X1,270mm, Y670mm, Z625mm
– Max spindle speed: 20,000rpm
– Positioning accuracy: 0.003mm
– Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
– Tool: 30 tools

CNC Milling Machine-Doosan HC505Doosan HC 505, Horizontal
– Qty.: 1 set
– Pallet size: 500mm, 500mm;
– Axes travel: X850mm, Y700mm, Z750mm;
– Max spindle speed: 8,000rpm;
– Positioning accuracy: 0.003mm
– Machining accuracy: 0.01mm;
– Tool: 40 tools